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1<?xml version="1.0"?>
2 <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="example.xsl" ?>
3 <SASroot version="1.0"
4          xmlns=""
5          xmlns:xsi=""
6          xsi:schemaLocation="">
7 <SASentry name="W1">
8 <Title> standard can 12mm SANS   </Title>
9 <Run> 39068 </Run>
10 <SASdata>
11  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.00900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.65112E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.57E+00 </Idev></Idata>
12  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.01100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.57000E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.41E+00 </Idev></Idata>
13  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.01300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.50785E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.32E+00 </Idev></Idata>
14  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.01500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.45317E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.27E+00 </Idev></Idata>
15  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.01700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.41310E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.23E+00 </Idev></Idata>
16  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.01900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.37242E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.20E+00 </Idev></Idata>
17  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.02100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.33622E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.18E+00 </Idev></Idata>
18  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.02300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.30353E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.16E+00 </Idev></Idata>
19  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.02500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.27552E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.14E+00 </Idev></Idata>
20  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.02700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.24833E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.13E+00 </Idev></Idata>
21  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.02900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.22281E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.12E+00 </Idev></Idata>
22  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.03100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.20077E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E+00 </Idev></Idata>
23  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.03300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.18363E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E+00 </Idev></Idata>
24  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.03500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16655E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.93E-01 </Idev></Idata>
25  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.03700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15341E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.87E-01 </Idev></Idata>
26  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.03900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.13884E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.81E-01 </Idev></Idata>
27  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.04100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.12856E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.76E-01 </Idev></Idata>
28  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.04300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.11782E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.71E-01 </Idev></Idata>
29  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.04500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.10871E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.67E-01 </Idev></Idata>
30  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.04700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.10178E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.63E-01 </Idev></Idata>
31  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.04900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.94126E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.60E-01 </Idev></Idata>
32  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.05100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.87554E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.57E-01 </Idev></Idata>
33  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.05300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.81825E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.54E-01 </Idev></Idata>
34  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.05500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.76668E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.52E-01 </Idev></Idata>
35  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.05700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.71879E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.50E-01 </Idev></Idata>
36  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.05900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.68382E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.48E-01 </Idev></Idata>
37  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.06100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.64505E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.46E-01 </Idev></Idata>
38  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.06300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.60324E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.45E-01 </Idev></Idata>
39  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.06500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.56946E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.43E-01 </Idev></Idata>
40  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.06700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.54278E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.42E-01 </Idev></Idata>
41  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.06900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.51504E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.41E-01 </Idev></Idata>
42  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.07100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.48734E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.40E-01 </Idev></Idata>
43  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.07300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.46784E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.40E-01 </Idev></Idata>
44  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.07500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.44744E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.39E-01 </Idev></Idata>
45  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.07700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.42586E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.38E-01 </Idev></Idata>
46  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.07900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.40720E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.38E-01 </Idev></Idata>
47  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.08100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.38980E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.37E-01 </Idev></Idata>
48  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.08300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.37315E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.37E-01 </Idev></Idata>
49  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.08500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.35506E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.36E-01 </Idev></Idata>
50  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.08700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.34106E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.36E-01 </Idev></Idata>
51  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.08900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.33247E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.36E-01 </Idev></Idata>
52  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.09100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.32125E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.35E-01 </Idev></Idata>
53  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.09300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.30978E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.35E-01 </Idev></Idata>
54  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.09500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.29927E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.34E-01 </Idev></Idata>
55  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.09700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.28886E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.34E-01 </Idev></Idata>
56  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.09900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.27556E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.33E-01 </Idev></Idata>
57  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.10100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.26505E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.33E-01 </Idev></Idata>
58  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.10300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.25565E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.33E-01 </Idev></Idata>
59  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.10500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.24593E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.32E-01 </Idev></Idata>
60  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.10700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.23641E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.32E-01 </Idev></Idata>
61  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.10900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.22928E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.32E-01 </Idev></Idata>
62  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.11100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.22198E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.31E-01 </Idev></Idata>
63  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.11300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.21684E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.31E-01 </Idev></Idata>
64  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.11500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.21259E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.31E-01 </Idev></Idata>
65  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.11700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.20427E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.31E-01 </Idev></Idata>
66  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.11900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.19864E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.31E-01 </Idev></Idata>
67  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.12100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.19289E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.30E-01 </Idev></Idata>
68  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.12300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.18790E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.30E-01 </Idev></Idata>
69  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.12500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.18277E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.30E-01 </Idev></Idata>
70  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.12700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.17572E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.30E-01 </Idev></Idata>
71  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.12900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.17124E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.30E-01 </Idev></Idata>
72  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.13100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16741E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.30E-01 </Idev></Idata>
73  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.13300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16317E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.30E-01 </Idev></Idata>
74  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.13500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15952E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.30E-01 </Idev></Idata>
75  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.13700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15484E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.30E-01 </Idev></Idata>
76  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.13900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15127E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.30E-01 </Idev></Idata>
77  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.14100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.14798E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.30E-01 </Idev></Idata>
78  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.14300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.14267E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.30E-01 </Idev></Idata>
79  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.14500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.13961E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.30E-01 </Idev></Idata>
80  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.14700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.13693E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.30E-01 </Idev></Idata>
81  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.14900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.13562E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.30E-01 </Idev></Idata>
82  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.15100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.13343E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.31E-01 </Idev></Idata>
83  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.15300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.13118E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.31E-01 </Idev></Idata>
84  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.15500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.12776E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.31E-01 </Idev></Idata>
85  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.15700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.12487E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.31E-01 </Idev></Idata>
86  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.15900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.12311E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.31E-01 </Idev></Idata>
87  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.16100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.12025E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.31E-01 </Idev></Idata>
88  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.16300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.11653E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.31E-01 </Idev></Idata>
89  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.16500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.11510E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.31E-01 </Idev></Idata>
90  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.16700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.11403E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.32E-01 </Idev></Idata>
91  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.16900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.11119E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.32E-01 </Idev></Idata>
92  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.17100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.10858E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.32E-01 </Idev></Idata>
93  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.17300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.10548E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.32E-01 </Idev></Idata>
94  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.17500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.10422E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.33E-01 </Idev></Idata>
95  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.17700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.10140E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.33E-01 </Idev></Idata>
96  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.17900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.10120E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.33E-01 </Idev></Idata>
97  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.18100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.10001E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.34E-01 </Idev></Idata>
98  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.18300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.98622E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.34E-01 </Idev></Idata>
99  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.18500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.96167E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.34E-01 </Idev></Idata>
100  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.18700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.95700E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.35E-01 </Idev></Idata>
101  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.18900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.94736E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.36E-01 </Idev></Idata>
102  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.19100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.94020E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.36E-01 </Idev></Idata>
103  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.19300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.91511E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.37E-01 </Idev></Idata>
104  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.19500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.89788E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.37E-01 </Idev></Idata>
105  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.19700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.88404E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.38E-01 </Idev></Idata>
106  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.19900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.86811E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.39E-01 </Idev></Idata>
107  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.20100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.85679E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.39E-01 </Idev></Idata>
108  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.20300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.85081E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.40E-01 </Idev></Idata>
109  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.20500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.84224E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.41E-01 </Idev></Idata>
110  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.20700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.84066E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.43E-01 </Idev></Idata>
111  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.20900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.82768E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.43E-01 </Idev></Idata>
112  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.21100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.81019E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.44E-01 </Idev></Idata>
113  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.21300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.79739E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.46E-01 </Idev></Idata>
114  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.21500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.77854E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.47E-01 </Idev></Idata>
115  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.21700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.76424E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.48E-01 </Idev></Idata>
116  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.21900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.77713E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.50E-01 </Idev></Idata>
117  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.22100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.76163E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.52E-01 </Idev></Idata>
118  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.22300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.75993E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.54E-01 </Idev></Idata>
119  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.22500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.71626E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.54E-01 </Idev></Idata>
120  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.22700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.68197E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.55E-01 </Idev></Idata>
121  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.22900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.64369E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.55E-01 </Idev></Idata>
122  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.23100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.60614E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.56E-01 </Idev></Idata>
123  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.23300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.58443E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.57E-01 </Idev></Idata>
124  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.23500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.57295E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.59E-01 </Idev></Idata>
125  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.23700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.58123E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.62E-01 </Idev></Idata>
126  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.23900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.59656E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.65E-01 </Idev></Idata>
127  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.24100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.63864E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.70E-01 </Idev></Idata>
128  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.24300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.63425E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.74E-01 </Idev></Idata>
129  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.24500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.62350E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.76E-01 </Idev></Idata>
130  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.24700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.60363E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.79E-01 </Idev></Idata>
131  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.24900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.59533E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.82E-01 </Idev></Idata>
132  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.25100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.56412E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.84E-01 </Idev></Idata>
133  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.25300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.56046E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.89E-01 </Idev></Idata>
134  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.25500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.57600E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.95E-01 </Idev></Idata>
135  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.25700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.52880E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.97E-01 </Idev></Idata>
136  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.25900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.52137E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E+00 </Idev></Idata>
137  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.26100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.54486E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E+00 </Idev></Idata>
138  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.26300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.50969E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.12E+00 </Idev></Idata>
139  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.26500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.50807E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.12E+00 </Idev></Idata>
140  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.26700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.51708E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.14E+00 </Idev></Idata>
141  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.26900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.50389E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.15E+00 </Idev></Idata>
142  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.27100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.51915E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.16E+00 </Idev></Idata>
143  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.27300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.48198E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.18E+00 </Idev></Idata>
144  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.27500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.51762E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.21E+00 </Idev></Idata>
145  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.27700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.46402E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.23E+00 </Idev></Idata>
146  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.27900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.44694E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.27E+00 </Idev></Idata>
147  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.28100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.47642E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.33E+00 </Idev></Idata>
148  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.28300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.64654E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.50E+00 </Idev></Idata>
149  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.28500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.38983E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.61E+00 </Idev></Idata>
150  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.28700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.38983E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.20E+01 </Idev></Idata>
151 </SASdata>
152 <SASsample>
153   <ID> standard can 12mm SANS                                               </ID>
154   <thickness unit="mm"> 1.03 </thickness>
155   <details> Perez-Mendez,Rodrigu </details>
156 </SASsample>
157 <SASinstrument>
158  <name> LOQ___ </name>
159  <SASsource>
160   <radiation> neutron </radiation>
161   <beam_size name="snout">
162    <x unit="mm"> 12.00 </x>
163    <y unit="mm"> 12.00 </y>
164   </beam_size>
165   <beam_shape> disc________ </beam_shape>
166   <wavelength_min unit="nm"> 0.22 </wavelength_min>
167   <wavelength_max unit="nm"> 1.00 </wavelength_max>
168  </SASsource>
169  <SAScollimation name="fixed">
170   <distance unit="m"> 10.995 </distance>
171   <aperture name="A2" type="pinhole">
172    <size>
173     <x unit="mm"> 12.0 </x>
174     <y unit="mm"> 12.0 </y>
175    </size>
176    <distance unit="m"> 10.5 </distance>
177   </aperture>
178  </SAScollimation>
179  <SASdetector>
180   <name> ORDELA 2661N </name>
181   <SDD unit="m"> 4.155 </SDD>
182   <beam_center>
183    <x unit="mm"> 324.45 </x>
184    <y unit="mm"> 325.55 </y>
185   </beam_center>
186   <pixel_size>
187    <x unit="mm"> 5.00 </x>
188    <y unit="mm"> 5.00 </y>
189   </pixel_size>
190  </SASdetector>
191  <SASdetector>
192   <name> ISIS HAB </name>
193   <SDD unit="m"> 0.587 </SDD>
194   <beam_center>
195    <x unit="mm"> 324.45 </x>
196    <y unit="mm"> 325.55 </y>
197   </beam_center>
198   <pixel_size>
199    <x unit="mm"> 12.00 </x>
200    <y unit="mm"> 12.00 </y>
201   </pixel_size>
202  </SASdetector>
203 </SASinstrument>
204 <SASprocess>
205  <name> COLETTE </name>
206  <date> 09-MAR-2008 10:22:32 </date>
207  <term name="mask_file"> USER:MASK.COM                                      </term>
208  <term name="scale_factor" unit="a.u."> 1.7270 </term>
209  <term name="radius_min" unit="mm">  38.0 </term>
210  <term name="radius_max" unit="mm"> 419.0 </term>
211  <term name="radialstep" unit="mm">   3.0 </term>
212  <term name="sector_width" unit="degree"> 180.0 </term>
213  <term name="count_time" unit="frame">      21871 </term>
214  <SASprocessnote name="q_resolution"> estimate </SASprocessnote>
215  <SASprocessnote name="file_written"> 18-MAR-2008 10:47:10.16 </SASprocessnote>
216 </SASprocess>
217 </SASentry>
218 <SASentry name="W2">
219 <Title> TK49 standard 12mm SANS  </Title>
220 <Run> 39067 </Run>
221 <SASdata>
222  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.00900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.13346E+02 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.25E+00 </Idev></Idata>
223  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.01100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.65871E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.14E+00 </Idev></Idata>
224  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.01300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.38020E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.86E-01 </Idev></Idata>
225  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.01500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.23066E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.58E-01 </Idev></Idata>
226  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.01700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16468E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.44E-01 </Idev></Idata>
227  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.01900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.11841E+01 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.35E-01 </Idev></Idata>
228  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.02100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.96949E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.29E-01 </Idev></Idata>
229  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.02300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.81839E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.25E-01 </Idev></Idata>
230  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.02500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.65021E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.21E-01 </Idev></Idata>
231  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.02700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.61196E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.20E-01 </Idev></Idata>
232  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.02900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.54294E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.18E-01 </Idev></Idata>
233  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.03100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.49066E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.17E-01 </Idev></Idata>
234  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.03300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.51251E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.16E-01 </Idev></Idata>
235  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.03500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.45101E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.15E-01 </Idev></Idata>
236  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.03700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.43621E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.14E-01 </Idev></Idata>
237  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.03900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.42786E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.14E-01 </Idev></Idata>
238  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.04100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.40063E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.13E-01 </Idev></Idata>
239  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.04300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.38570E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.13E-01 </Idev></Idata>
240  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.04500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.38348E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.12E-01 </Idev></Idata>
241  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.04700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.37941E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.12E-01 </Idev></Idata>
242  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.04900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.37215E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.12E-01 </Idev></Idata>
243  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.05100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.35647E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E-01 </Idev></Idata>
244  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.05300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.34499E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E-01 </Idev></Idata>
245  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.05500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.34900E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E-01 </Idev></Idata>
246  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.05700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.33555E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E-01 </Idev></Idata>
247  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.05900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.33953E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E-01 </Idev></Idata>
248  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.06100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.32742E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E-01 </Idev></Idata>
249  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.06300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.32616E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E-01 </Idev></Idata>
250  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.06500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.31904E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E-01 </Idev></Idata>
251  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.06700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.32293E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E-01 </Idev></Idata>
252  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.06900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.31730E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E-01 </Idev></Idata>
253  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.07100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.31458E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E-01 </Idev></Idata>
254  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.07300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.31025E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E-01 </Idev></Idata>
255  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.07500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.31130E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E-01 </Idev></Idata>
256  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.07700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.31237E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E-01 </Idev></Idata>
257  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.07900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.29781E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E-01 </Idev></Idata>
258  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.08100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.30674E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E-01 </Idev></Idata>
259  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.08300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.29530E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E-01 </Idev></Idata>
260  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.08500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.29468E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E-01 </Idev></Idata>
261  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.08700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.29842E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E-01 </Idev></Idata>
262  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.08900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.30452E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E-01 </Idev></Idata>
263  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.09100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.30089E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E-01 </Idev></Idata>
264  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.09300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.29577E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E-01 </Idev></Idata>
265  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.09500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.30122E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E-01 </Idev></Idata>
266  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.09700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.30140E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E-01 </Idev></Idata>
267  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.09900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.29341E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E-01 </Idev></Idata>
268  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.10100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.28113E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E-01 </Idev></Idata>
269  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.10300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.25820E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E-01 </Idev></Idata>
270  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.10500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.24728E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E-01 </Idev></Idata>
271  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.10700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.22732E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.98E-02 </Idev></Idata>
272  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.10900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.21326E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.96E-02 </Idev></Idata>
273  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.11100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.21340E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.97E-02 </Idev></Idata>
274  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.11300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.21630E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.98E-02 </Idev></Idata>
275  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.11500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.21020E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.97E-02 </Idev></Idata>
276  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.11700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.19430E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.94E-02 </Idev></Idata>
277  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.11900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.18630E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.93E-02 </Idev></Idata>
278  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.12100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.18506E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.94E-02 </Idev></Idata>
279  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.12300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.19027E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.96E-02 </Idev></Idata>
280  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.12500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.19471E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.99E-02 </Idev></Idata>
281  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.12700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.18727E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.98E-02 </Idev></Idata>
282  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.12900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.17679E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.96E-02 </Idev></Idata>
283  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.13100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16620E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.94E-02 </Idev></Idata>
284  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.13300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15983E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.94E-02 </Idev></Idata>
285  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.13500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15702E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.94E-02 </Idev></Idata>
286  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.13700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16286E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.97E-02 </Idev></Idata>
287  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.13900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16104E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.98E-02 </Idev></Idata>
288  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.14100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15803E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.98E-02 </Idev></Idata>
289  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.14300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15705E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.99E-02 </Idev></Idata>
290  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.14500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16251E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E-01 </Idev></Idata>
291  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.14700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16380E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E-01 </Idev></Idata>
292  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.14900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16734E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E-01 </Idev></Idata>
293  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.15100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.17087E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E-01 </Idev></Idata>
294  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.15300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16784E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E-01 </Idev></Idata>
295  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.15500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15632E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E-01 </Idev></Idata>
296  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.15700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16190E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E-01 </Idev></Idata>
297  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.15900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16646E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.11E-01 </Idev></Idata>
298  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.16100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.17035E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.12E-01 </Idev></Idata>
299  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.16300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16264E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.12E-01 </Idev></Idata>
300  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.16500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16843E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.12E-01 </Idev></Idata>
301  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.16700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16715E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.12E-01 </Idev></Idata>
302  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.16900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16750E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.12E-01 </Idev></Idata>
303  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.17100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16760E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.13E-01 </Idev></Idata>
304  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.17300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16312E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.13E-01 </Idev></Idata>
305  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.17500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15858E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.13E-01 </Idev></Idata>
306  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.17700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15402E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.13E-01 </Idev></Idata>
307  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.17900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15695E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.13E-01 </Idev></Idata>
308  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.18100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16041E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.13E-01 </Idev></Idata>
309  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.18300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16546E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.14E-01 </Idev></Idata>
310  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.18500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.17080E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.14E-01 </Idev></Idata>
311  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.18700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16808E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.15E-01 </Idev></Idata>
312  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.18900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16302E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.15E-01 </Idev></Idata>
313  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.19100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16350E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.15E-01 </Idev></Idata>
314  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.19300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16017E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.15E-01 </Idev></Idata>
315  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.19500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16556E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.16E-01 </Idev></Idata>
316  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.19700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16480E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.16E-01 </Idev></Idata>
317  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.19900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16281E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.17E-01 </Idev></Idata>
318  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.20100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16554E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.17E-01 </Idev></Idata>
319  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.20300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16221E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.18E-01 </Idev></Idata>
320  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.20500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16024E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.18E-01 </Idev></Idata>
321  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.20700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16394E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.19E-01 </Idev></Idata>
322  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.20900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16387E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.19E-01 </Idev></Idata>
323  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.21100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15460E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.19E-01 </Idev></Idata>
324  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.21300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16381E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.21E-01 </Idev></Idata>
325  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.21500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16527E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.21E-01 </Idev></Idata>
326  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.21700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16731E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.22E-01 </Idev></Idata>
327  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.21900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.17469E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.24E-01 </Idev></Idata>
328  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.22100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16974E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.24E-01 </Idev></Idata>
329  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.22300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16430E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.25E-01 </Idev></Idata>
330  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.22500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16237E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.26E-01 </Idev></Idata>
331  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.22700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15734E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.26E-01 </Idev></Idata>
332  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.22900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15832E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.27E-01 </Idev></Idata>
333  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.23100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15923E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.29E-01 </Idev></Idata>
334  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.23300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16609E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.30E-01 </Idev></Idata>
335  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.23500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16868E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.32E-01 </Idev></Idata>
336  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.23700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.17145E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.33E-01 </Idev></Idata>
337  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.23900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.17418E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.35E-01 </Idev></Idata>
338  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.24100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.16938E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.36E-01 </Idev></Idata>
339  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.24300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15710E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.37E-01 </Idev></Idata>
340  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.24500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.14180E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.36E-01 </Idev></Idata>
341  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.24700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.14631E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.39E-01 </Idev></Idata>
342  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.24900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.14453E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.41E-01 </Idev></Idata>
343  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.25100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.14863E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.43E-01 </Idev></Idata>
344  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.25300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15887E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.47E-01 </Idev></Idata>
345  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.25500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15439E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.49E-01 </Idev></Idata>
346  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.25700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.14265E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.50E-01 </Idev></Idata>
347  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.25900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.14133E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.53E-01 </Idev></Idata>
348  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.26100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.14836E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.58E-01 </Idev></Idata>
349  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.26300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.14399E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.61E-01 </Idev></Idata>
350  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.26500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.13736E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.65E-01 </Idev></Idata>
351  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.26700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.13838E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.70E-01 </Idev></Idata>
352  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.26900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.14340E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.78E-01 </Idev></Idata>
353  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.27100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.13481E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.83E-01 </Idev></Idata>
354  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.27300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.11736E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.87E-01 </Idev></Idata>
355  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.27500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.12235E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.10E+00 </Idev></Idata>
356  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.27700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.14533E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.13E+00 </Idev></Idata>
357  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.27900 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.15779E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.16E+00 </Idev></Idata>
358  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.28100 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.21629E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.23E+00 </Idev></Idata>
359  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.28300 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.34239E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.37E+00 </Idev></Idata>
360  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.28500 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.46885E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.67E+00 </Idev></Idata>
361  <Idata><Q unit="1/A"> 0.28700 </Q><I unit="1/cm"> 0.46885E+00 </I><Qdev unit="1/A"> 0.00E+00 </Qdev><Idev unit="1/cm"> 0.22E+01 </Idev></Idata>
362 </SASdata>
363 <SASsample>
364   <ID> TK49 standard 12mm SANS                                              </ID>
365   <thickness unit="mm"> 1.03 </thickness>
366   <details> Perez-Mendez,Rodrigu </details>
367 </SASsample>
368 <SASinstrument>
369  <name> LOQ___ </name>
370  <SASsource>
371   <radiation> neutron </radiation>
372   <beam_size name="snout">
373    <x unit="mm"> 12.00 </x>
374    <y unit="mm"> 12.00 </y>
375   </beam_size>
376   <beam_shape> disc________ </beam_shape>
377   <wavelength_min unit="nm"> 0.22 </wavelength_min>
378   <wavelength_max unit="nm"> 1.00 </wavelength_max>
379  </SASsource>
380  <SAScollimation name="fixed">
381   <distance unit="m"> 10.995 </distance>
382   <aperture name="A2" type="pinhole">
383    <size>
384     <x unit="mm"> 12.0 </x>
385     <y unit="mm"> 12.0 </y>
386    </size>
387    <distance unit="m"> 10.5 </distance>
388   </aperture>
389  </SAScollimation>
390  <SASdetector>
391   <name> ORDELA 2661N </name>
392   <SDD unit="m"> 4.155 </SDD>
393   <beam_center>
394    <x unit="mm"> 324.45 </x>
395    <y unit="mm"> 325.55 </y>
396   </beam_center>
397   <pixel_size>
398    <x unit="mm"> 5.00 </x>
399    <y unit="mm"> 5.00 </y>
400   </pixel_size>
401  </SASdetector>
402  <SASdetector>
403   <name> ISIS HAB </name>
404   <SDD unit="m"> 0.587 </SDD>
405   <beam_center>
406    <x unit="mm"> 324.45 </x>
407    <y unit="mm"> 325.55 </y>
408   </beam_center>
409   <pixel_size>
410    <x unit="mm"> 12.00 </x>
411    <y unit="mm"> 12.00 </y>
412   </pixel_size>
413  </SASdetector>
414 </SASinstrument>
415 <SASprocess>
416  <name> COLETTE </name>
417  <date> 09-MAR-2008 10:07:30 </date>
418  <term name="mask_file"> USER:MASK.COM                                      </term>
419  <term name="scale_factor" unit="a.u."> 1.7270 </term>
420  <term name="radius_min" unit="mm">  38.0 </term>
421  <term name="radius_max" unit="mm"> 419.0 </term>
422  <term name="radialstep" unit="mm">   3.0 </term>
423  <term name="sector_width" unit="degree"> 180.0 </term>
424  <term name="count_time" unit="frame">      21871 </term>
425  <SASprocessnote name="q_resolution"> estimate </SASprocessnote>
426  <SASprocessnote name="file_written"> 18-MAR-2008 10:47:10.16 </SASprocessnote>
427 </SASprocess>
428 </SASentry>
429 </SASroot>
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