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Case Study: AF1410 Steel

.. index:: ! case study; AF1410 steel SANS


This case study has not yet been written up.

data file: cs_af1410.xml

The data file contains multiple :ref:`SASentry` elements that pertain to different samples treated at different conditions in a time series. Each SASentry element contains two :ref:`SASdata` sections that correspond to sector averages from the two-dimensional SANS data. Since the samples had been subjected to a 1.6T magnetic field to clear the scattering from magnetic domain boundaries in one direction, the sector average for that direction has scattering dominated by purely nuclear scattering moments. The other SASdata section has scattering due to both nuclear and magnetic scattering moments.


Also see the publication: A.J. Allen, D. Gavillet, J.R. Weertman, "Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Studies of Carbide Precipitation in Ultrahigh-Strength Steels," Acta Metall 41 (1993) 1869-1884.

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