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describe the aims of canSAS in the preface

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    443443            <listitem> 
    444444                <para> Unicode characters MUST NOT be used</para> 
    445                 <note><para>Perhaps this could be relaxed in v1.1?</para></note> 
     445                <!--<note><para>Perhaps this could be relaxed in v1.1?</para></note>--> 
    446446            </listitem> 
    447447            <listitem> 
    814814        <section xml:id="cansas1d_documentation-Support_Tools"> 
    815815            <title>Support tools for Visualization &amp; Analysis software</title> 
    816             <para> Support for importing cansas1d/1.0 files exists for these languages: <note> 
    817                     <para>Refactor the wiki pages here and link as appropriate.</para> 
    818                 </note></para> 
     816            <para> Support for importing cansas1d/1.0 files exists for these  
     817                languages and environments:  
     818            </para> 
    819819            <itemizedlist> 
    820820                <listitem> 
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    2222        canSAS 1-D Data Format, v1.0 
    2323    </para> 
    24     <!--<note><para> 
    25         Provide a note here describing canSAS and the initiative to establish 
    26         a standard file format.  Note that the cansas1d/1.0 XML data files must adhere to the  
    27         XML rules which includes being well-formed 
    28         <indexterm><primary>XML</primary><secondary>well-formed</secondary></indexterm> 
    29         (including the use of closing tags).<footnote> 
    30             <para> 
    31                 For example, see  
    32                 <link xlink:href="" 
    33                     ><literal></literal></link> 
    34                 for an explanation of the XML syntax. 
    35             </para> 
    36         </footnote> 
    37         Files that can be validated  
    38         <indexterm><primary>cansas1d/1.0 standard</primary></indexterm> 
    39         <indexterm><primary>validation</primary></indexterm> 
    40         against  
    41         <link 
    42             xlink:href="" 
    43             ><literal>cansas1d.xsd</literal> </link> 
    44         are deemed to be valid cansas1d/1.0 data files. 
    45     </para></note>--> 
    4624    <para> 
    4725        The name <emphasis role="italic">canSAS</emphasis> 
    4927        stands for  
    5028        <emphasis role="italic">Collective Action for Nomadic Small-Angle Scatterers</emphasis>. 
     29        canSAS provides a forum for users, software developers and facility staff to meet  
     30        and exchange ideas on all aspects of programming for X-ray and neutron small-angle  
     31        scattering experiments. This includes experiment preparation and simulation through  
     32        control to data-storage, reduction and analysis. The aim of the forum is to provide  
     33        the best resources to the many nomadic experimenters who combine results measured at  
     34        different facilities.  
    5135    </para> 
    5236    <para> 
    53         This work is the initiative of the canSAS 1D Data Formats Working Group,  
     37        The aims of the canSAS meetings are to promote and simplify sharing SAS data  
     38        analysis methods. Non-specialists will benefit from easily applicable methods  
     39        for exchanging and merging of data from different synchrotron, laboratory  
     40        and neutron facilities. 
     41    </para> 
     42    <para> 
     43        The canonical name for this format is <literal>cansas1d/1.0</literal>. 
     44        This  work is the initiative of the canSAS 1D Data Formats Working Group,  
    5445        established at the canSAS-V workshop, NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland,  
    5546        USA from October 29th to 31st 2007.  It derives many of its foundations 
    5647        from previous works such as the SASXML format, a joint collaboration 
    57         between ISIS and ILL. 
     48        between ISIS and ILL.   
    5849    </para> 
    5950    <para> 
    6455        ><footnote><para><link  
    6556            xlink:href="" 
    66             ><literal></literal></link 
     57            ><literal 
     58                ></literal 
     59            ></link 
    6760            ></para></footnote> 
    6861        describes the members, timelines, and current status. 
    7265            >discussion</link><footnote><para><link  
    7366            xlink:href="" 
    74             ><literal></literal></link></para></footnote>    
     67            ><literal 
     68                ></literal 
     69                ></link></para></footnote>    
    7570        page for some matters that preceded this revision. 
    7671    </para> 
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