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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#2 error handling when no Qsas is found prjemian defect major fixed
#5 consistency change to the standard XML header prjemian defect major fixed
#6 change names & order of columns in Idata prjemian defect major fixed
#8 disagreement in SAScollimation definition prjemian defect major fixed
#13 Need to pick a license model defect major fixed
#16 ISIS files do not yet validate defect blocker fixed
#18 timestamp for SASdata or SASentry prjemian defect major fixed
#25 update xmlWriter to v1.1 defect major fixed
#26 update Python binding to v1.1 defect major fixed
#32 repair in manual jemian defect minor wontfix
#34 error in XML Schema prjemian defect major fixed
#3 cansasXML.ipf lacks a GUI Jan Ilavsky enhancement minor fixed
#7 allow arbitrary elements to be added in various places prjemian enhancement minor fixed
#9 allow for <any> in Idata prjemian enhancement major fixed
#10 suggestions for cansasXML.ipf from ISIS-LOQ prjemian enhancement major fixed
#11 Web-based XML Schema validation method needs improvement prjemian enhancement minor worksforme
#12 TRAC admin stuff: SVN comments do not produce TRAC actions enhancement major fixed
#19 documentation in version control prjemian enhancement major fixed
#20 namespace URI is non-standard prjemian enhancement major fixed
#21 add term element(s) to SASdata enhancement major fixed
#22 support transmission spectra Jemian enhancement major fixed
#24 build the canSAS1d documentation using Sphinx enhancement major fixed
#30 allow arbitrary order of data columns in Idata group prjemian enhancement minor wontfix
#1 documentation for cansasXML.ipf prjemian task major fixed
#4 XMLwriter for IgorPro prjemian task major fixed
#17 Clean up rules for v1.1 release prjemian task major wontfix
#23 release v1.1 of the 1-D standard task blocker fixed
#27 rebrand from to task major fixed
#28 update IgorPro binding to v1.1 prjemian task major fixed
#29 update Fortran binding to v1.1 task minor fixed
#31 update Java binding to v1.1 prjemian task major fixed
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