Sep 24, 2009:

8:06 PM Ticket #21 (add term element(s) to SASdata) created by prjemian
An email discussion today with Daniel Franke provoked this suggestion …
8:02 PM Ticket #16 (ISIS files do not yet validate) closed by prjemian
fixed: resolved in changeset [89]. Looks like the SVN comment of that …
7:41 PM Ticket #20 (namespace URI is non-standard) created by prjemian
Daniel Franke writes: […]
7:35 PM Ticket #19 (documentation in version control) created by prjemian
The documentation on the wiki describes the current version. Previous …
7:26 PM Ticket #18 (timestamp for SASdata or SASentry) created by prjemian
Daniel Franke notes today in an email: […]

Sep 21, 2009:

12:55 PM Changeset [89] by prjemian
After discussion with Stephen King, ISIS, the transmission spectra were …

Sep 18, 2009:

5:06 PM Ticket #17 (Clean up rules for v1.1 release) created by prjemian
Some of the rules (such as redundant <any> elements and "name" attributes …
5:04 PM Ticket #16 (ISIS files do not yet validate) created by prjemian
Need to store wavelength dependence of transmission but current method to …
4:58 PM Ticket #15 (input/output support for C++) created by prjemian
suggestion at SAS2009 to create support for C++
4:57 PM Ticket #14 (input/output support for Matlab) created by prjemian
suggestion at SAS2009 to create support for Matlab
4:56 PM Ticket #4 (XMLwriter for IgorPro) closed by prjemian
fixed: This is implemented in Jan's Irena macro package for IgorPro?.
2:07 PM Changeset [88] by prjemian
Gather the glassy carbon round-robin data to make it easy to access - …

Sep 2, 2009:

9:38 PM Changeset [87] by prjemian
fix typos
6:20 PM Changeset [86] by prjemian
5:21 PM Changeset [85] by prjemian
5:18 PM Changeset [84] by prjemian
Styled vs. Raw XML should not be part of the SAS variables
5:16 PM Changeset [83] by prjemian
glassy carbon C14 at Diamond I22 at 8.9keV
1:56 PM Changeset [82] by prjemian
update the instructions
1:22 PM Changeset [81] by prjemian
update before WWW server update, just in case it gets clobbered
1:16 PM Changeset [80] by prjemian
trim the dollar signs from the SVN ID when it is used inside an XML …
1:05 PM Changeset [79] by prjemian
present the raw XML as the browser result
12:08 PM Changeset [78] by prjemian
return choice of Styled HTML page (with XML as page source) - this is the …
1:22 AM Changeset [77] by prjemian
raise version to 1.11, take name of SASdata from @name attribute if …
1:20 AM Changeset [76] by prjemian
minor, reset some metadata in the file
1:17 AM Changeset [75] by prjemian
test data set for desmearing and some stress cases for the cansasXML.ipf …

Aug 28, 2009:

4:03 PM Changeset [74] by prjemian
tweak instructions; add XSLT to view surveillance log (could add analysis …
8:19 AM Changeset [73] by prjemian
modify the instructions per user suggestion

Aug 26, 2009:

10:57 PM Changeset [72] by prjemian
upload the code to format XML from simple WWW form boxes For now, …
10:47 PM Changeset [71] by prjemian
prepare space for WWW server-side scripts in php
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