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  • Paul Butler (NIST, chair)
  • Maja Hellsing (RISE)
  • Andrew Jackson (ESS)
  • Katie Weigandt (NIST)
  • Wim Bouwman (Delft U)
  • Jitendra Mata (ACNS)
  • Adam Engberg (Uppsala U)
  • Sebastian Jaksch (Jülich)
  • Steve King (ISIS)
  • Anna Sokolova (ACNS)
  • Adrian Rennie (Uppsala U)
  • Matthias Schwartzkopf (DESY)
  • Henrich Frielinghaus (Jülich)
  • Harald Schneider (ESS)
  • U-Ser Jeng (nsrrc)
  • Duncan McGillivray (University of Auckland)
  • Masaaki Sugiyama (Kyoto University)

The Portal

The portal has gone live: it can be found at


Here is a wiki page to discuss ideas for additions/improvements to the web portal

Previous Discussion

  • canSAS-2012 discussion
  • Ralf Schweins has agreed to take up the world directory of SANS instruments project. This is available at:

August 2012 update

The bibliography and vacancy list from the Diamond/ISIS SAS software site ( has been transferred to the portal.

July 2012 update

A new portal is created at canSAS-2012.

September 2009 update

At the facilities representatives discussion group, and pursued further at the canSAS discussions at the 2009 SAS meeting in Oxford, Paul Butler agreed to find some funds to get a student to start the process of putting up the first draft of a portal. The first action was to choose an appropriate domain name that would be easy to remember as THE SAS site. was suggested, the availability verified and the domain purchased. It was agreed that the front page should be a landing page that then allowed easy navigation to whatever SAS information was being sought. After a small brainstorming session, it was agreed that the next step was to implement those first ideas and then pass by the facilities representatives group for a first cut at polishing before advertising to the SAS mailing list and to all SAS beamline scientists possible. Some of the ideas for the first go include:

  • listing of available SAS analysis software with links
  • listing of resources for learning SAS techniques/SAS bibliography
  • access to the SAS mailing list archive
  • instructions on how to join the sas mailing list and a link to the joining page
  • upcoming meetings of interest to the SAS community (a web form allowing people to upload information on their meeting was suggested)
  • link to the world directory of small-angle neutron scattering facilities
    • this has recently been updated. Facilities are encouraged to send updates to Ralf Schweins
    • No equivalent SAXS directory seems to exist. Pete Jemian is planning on addressing that, perhaps under the IUCR aegis
  • information about canSAS, its efforts and links to working group pages
  • link to web site of SAS commission of IUCR
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