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The canSAS-IV Workshop Web Page

May 12th-14th 2004

About the Workshop
CanSAS-IV took place at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL), home of the ISIS Spallation Neutron Source and, soon, the Diamond Light Source (see above). CanSAS-IV was jointly sponsored by ISIS, Diamond, the ILL and the DUBBLE beam line at the ESRF. CanSAS-IV was aimed at anyone with a particular interest in the use and application of Small-Angle Scattering (SAS) techniques; e.g., Instrument/Beam line Scientists, Frequent SAS Users, SAS Beam line Software Developers, Facility/Third-party Software Developers (particularly those involved with data file formats, instrument/sample environment control). CanSAS is a "self-help network" whose original stated aim was to promote and simplify the sharing of Small-Angle Scattering (SAS) data - be it light, X-ray or neutron - between Facilities and between Users, but its interests now also encompass the discussion and evaluation of emerging (principally software) technologies and the recommendation of "best practice" (where feasible) in pursuit of this aim. If you want to know more, follow the link to the [#cansas canSAS] web site at the bottom of this page. CanSAS-V
CanSAS-V took place at the National Institute of Science & Technology, Gaithersbury, MD, USA, 29th - 31st October 2007.

Local Organisers

Stephen King, ISIS Nicholas Terrill, Diamond

Programme Committee

Richard Heenan (ISIS)

Greg Diakun (SRS)

Ron Ghosh (ILL)

        Theyencheri Narayanan (ESRF)

Adrian Rennie (NFL Studsvik)

Tom Irving (APS)

Elliot Gilbert (ANSTO)

Tetsuro Fujisawa (Spring-8)

Workshop Mailing List

To be added to/removed from the canSAS-IV Email Distribution List, please send an email to Steve King with one or other of the following Subject Lines:
ADD <your email address>
REMOVE <your email address>

This Distribution List will continue to be maintained after canSAS-IV for the benefit of the community.

[canSAS-IV_Attendance.htm Workshop Attendance List] [canSAS-IV_Poster.pdf Workshop Poster]

Workshop Programme

Click here for the [canSAS-IV_Programme.htm programme].

Post-Workshop Report and Multimedia

[images/CANSAS_4_Group_hires.jpg canSAS4 Group.jpg]

File:green ball.gif Report

Click here for the [canSAS-IV_Meeting_Report.pdf report] on the meeting (PDF).

Elements of this report also appear in Synchrotron Radiation News (2004, 17(5), 34-36) and Neutron News (2005, accepted).


The [canSAS-IV_Programme.htm programme page] has links to the talks, abstracts, posters and software that authors have agreed to deposit with us.

These may be downloaded as PDF documents, or as Microsoft WordTM documents or PowerPointTM presentations

(we are sorry, but it was too big a job to convert everything to PDF!).

Alternatively you can download all of the material that authors have deposited with us in the form of a Microsoft

WindowsTM-compatible installation archive. This will allow you to specify an installation directory, preserving the directory tree structure and

relative links (so that you get a local copy that behaves exactly like these web pages). But beware, the installation archive download is 248 Mb

and expands to 260 Mb! To download the archive, click [canSAS4.EXE here].

As a very last resort, and if you ask us nicely, we may be persuaded to burn the archive onto a CD for you!

CanSAS Discussion WiKis
During the CanSAS-IV and CanSAS-V discussion sessions it was decided that community participation in, and feedback on, the specifications for emerging data file formats of particular relevance to small-angle scattering would be most welcome. Accordingly, we have set up an online information and discussion web site called a Wiki. The URL of the CanSAS-IV Wiki was There were three discussions: The URL of the CanSAS-V Wiki is By participating you will be helping to foster greater integration of software between manufacturers and facilities, neutron and X-ray!
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