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Session Notes

Jan : real world examples of nxcanSAS from facilities needed. Tim suggests everyone putting them on Zenodo to get DOIs Pete - post issues on cansas examples github

Reduced data from multiple detectors ....

- Is this a general problem
- Jeff : looking at how to handle this for VSANS
- Issue for both raw and reduced : raw easier
- How to convert?
- AJJ : question is of multiple 2D q-spaces rather than detector spaces.
- Tim : multiple physical detectors vs moving detector
- AJJ : multiple SASdata entries in a single SASentry
- Jan : how to get software to read complex datasets (e.g. lots of mag fields with many detectors)
- AJJ : discussion of complexity ... some of the complex analyses will require the users to understand their data. Perhaps plugins in e.g. DPDAK?
- Is there a standard location for motors etc. Not really ... each instrument/facility does it differently.
 - can we have a standard set of metadata tags for NXcanSAS to support 
 - how about more detailed application definitions?

- Pete - search methods, specify search path. - Adam : SESANS data - should create equivalent of SASData for SESANS data. - Brian : how to include multi-modal data - probably at the same level as a SASentry - Detectors : how do we link detector metadata to the q-spaces derived from them. e.g. multiple detector configurations might be used to give a single Q space. This is true for 1D as well. - Stitching : discussion of stitching. How is it automated.


- Identify the right location for data sets and upload to Zenodo and/or github.

- Linking of detector metadata to sasdata entries.

- Writing of notes with examples for NXcanSAS usage.

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