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The absolute minimum information required for the standard analysis of small-angle scattering measurements is intensity as a function of scattering vector, \(I(\vec{Q})\).

  • Allow for representation of reduced data of any dimensionality
    • 1D SAS data
    • 2D SAS data from detectors
    • additional dimensions for complex experiments
    • Q can be either a vector (\(\vec{Q}\)) or a vector magnitude (\(|\vec{Q}|\))
  • Identify and associate scanning axes
  • Provide (when possible)
    • uncertainties and their constituents
    • masking information
  • Allow for
    • complex experiments with multiple detectors
    • easy plotting of the data in close to their raw form
  • Maintain the original dimensionality of the data if at all possible
  • Use existing standards where possible or practical