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The development of the FORTRAN language, so beloved of scientists, pre-dates the development of XML. And it shows. FORTRAN is not a language that manipulates strings with ease, and this makes parsing XML decidedly awkward. So unless you really must use FORTRAN, you are probably better off with C/C++ (or something else more ‘modern’), see for example Daniel Veillard’s LIBXML2 library at or Frank van den Berghen’s parser at

If you have to use a dialect earlier than FORTRAN-90 (F90), then the chances are you will have to code your own parser.

Software Development Kits

For later dialects, there are some SDKs available on the Web:



canSAS 1-D SAS XML v1.0 and v1.1 support

Steve King <> (ISIS) has provided a F77 routine that will read cansas1d v1.0 and v1.1 XML files.