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The SAStransmission_spectrum element

The SAStransmission_spectrum element has a name attribute to identify what type of spectrum is being described. It is expected that this value will take either of these two values:

value meaning
sample measurement with the sample and container
can measurement with just the container
Name Type Occurrence Description Attributes
Tdata element container [1..inf] Each Tdata describes a single data point of a transmission spectrum.  

Tdata element

Name Type Occurrence Description Attributes
Lambda float [1..1] Wavelength of the radiation bin. Either A or nm are typical units. unit={unit} [1]
T float [1..1] Transmission value (\(I/I_0\)) unit={unit} [1]
Tdev float [0..1] Estimated uncertainty (usually standard deviation) of T. [2] It is unexpected for T and Tdev to have different units. unit={unit} [1]
{any} container [0..inf] Any element(s) not defined in the cansas1d:1.1 standard can be placed at this point. xmlns:{foreign-prefix}={foreign-namespace}

Table Notes

[1](1, 2, 3) The unit attribute is required. See Rules for acceptable values.
[2]When an optional element (such as Tdev, ...) is used, it must be used in every Tdata within the enclosing SAStransmission_spectrum.