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Elements of the canSAS XML standardΒΆ

There are various elements (tag names) in the cansas1d:1.1 standard. Each of these is described below.


XML tag to be used for this element of the standard.


A Type may be either of:

header:Describes the required XML header lines. Without questions, use the header in the section titled XML header.
container:A container element has subelements but no text of its own. These are similar to the NeXus NXDL group type.
floating-point number:
 Elements of type floating-point number are obvious. In most cases, a unit attribute is required. This will be noted.
string:Elements of type string are any valid string (non-whitespace) sequence.

The number of times a particular element may appear is described in the occurence column. A value of [0..1] indicates the element is optional but may appear one time. A value of [0..inf] indicates the element is optional but may appear an infinite number of times (also known as unbounded).


Attributes list the required or optional attributes of this element. Note that attributes must adhere to the well-formed [1] XML guidelines:


where either single or double quotes surround the value. All attributes must have a value. Attributes may be given in any order.


well-formed XML: